Backrubs for everybody!

by danscreativeoutlet

stat back rub

Got home tonight badly in need of a backrub and thought, “This is how I feel quite a lot these days.” I bet our patients are badly in need of backrubs too. And we always forget to order the backrub consult!

A cardiologist said in a lecture today: “Every field has it’s go-to drug with a lot of benefit and minimal side effects. In cardiology, it’s beta blockers. For the most part, every one of my patients should be on a beta blocker.” What about backrubs? We need more trials on the effects of backrubs. I bet the results would be astonishing.

Attending (to a bunch of students): “What are the treatments that reduce mortality in COPD?”

Student: “Oxygen and smoking cessation.”

“And backrubs!” I almost blurted out. I guess I’ll have to wait until the randomized trials get done before I can say that… 😦